Tenet is a great action film, but not a great “Nolan film”.

IMPORTANT PSA: The best thing you can do in the current situation to satisfy your film fix is to watch movies at home, or at a drive-in if you have one near you. Don’t go to a cinema if it’s not safe to do so.

With maybe one or two exceptions, no director gets a crowd like Christopher Nolan. Obviously the man who directed and co-wrote two of the best comic-book movies ever made (Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises, for those counting) is going to have a fair bit of commercial cachet for the rest of his career, but the monumental commercial and cultural success of Inception a decade ago showed a clear demand for his brand of cerebral storytelling on a blockbuster scale, beyond the need for a major cinematic franchise in which to dress his themes and theories.
In the wake of a global pandemic and a shutdown of pretty much everything then, perhaps Nolan is the man to encourage people back to the big screens. At least, that’s what Warner Bros. seem to be counting on.

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