Maybe it’s just me, but 2018 felt especially long for countless reasons. Thankfully, in case you had forgotten most of what happened this year – or have a pub quiz coming up and you have no morals – I’ve prepared a little rundown of the major events in film for the year. First up, January through to March…


2018 picked up pretty much where the previous year left off, with the Me Too movement, and on New Year’s Day an open letter to all victims of sexual harassment was sent out, signed by hundreds of women in the film industry. This would be the start of Time’s Up, a campaign to combat harassment of women in all industries.

Me Too was inevitably a major talking point by the time the awards circuit started rolling. This year’s Golden Globes had many guests attend in black to support the movement, and many activists – including Tarana Burke who founded Me Too – were invited to attend as guests.



Netflix’s first big move to establish itself in the 2018 movie calendar manifests itself in the release of The Cloverfield Paradox – made available on the site just hours after it was announced mid-Superbowl (Go Birds). The end result was disappointing sadly, but it got the ball rolling for a prolific 2018 in film for the streaming service.

In more mainstream circles, the hype train was well and truly gathering steam as the release of Black Panther drew ever closer. It was a huge landmark for superhero movies to have a black character as the lead – and the majority of its cast, and the film turned out to be really damn good. The soundtrack was probably even better, and it’s no surprise at the end of the year to see both up for major plaudits.

The onslaught of The Greatest Showman continued through January and well into February, and the end of the month saw a sing-along version released in the UK, reinforcing the fact that there would be no escape from This is Me for the remainder of the year.


Thanks to some people deciding to do sports in the snow for a couple of weeks in Korea in February, the Oscar ceremony was pushed to the beginning of March. There was all sorts of anticipation for this year after the 2017 debacle: how would they respond to the Moonlight/La La Land mix-up? Would there be any similar farce this time?
As it turns out, host Jimmy Kimmel made a lot of jokes about it but the rest of the night carried on pretty sedately – back to normal then. Guillermo del Toro’s Splash/Creature from the Black Lagoon mash-up The Shape of Water took the highest honour of the night, but there were much more notable events throughout; Jordan Peele became the first black person to win the original screenplay Oscar for Get Out (and many continue to argue that it should have been up for the top prize too). Frances McDormand also made a splash – and drove thousands to Google – on her mention of “inclusion riders” in her acceptance speech for Best Female Lead Actor.

In another victory for decency, The Weinstein Company filed for bankruptcy in the wake of everyone abandoning the company after Harvey Weinstein was outed as an abuser in the first wave of #MeToo. Many other figures have fallen since then, but this was arguably the biggest thing to happen in the movement this year.

Up next: The Blockbuster months, or April-June, which includes maybe the most important thing to happen all of 2018!



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