We’re out of Spooky Season 2k18 and heading into the big hitters of the movie calendar (and Christmas, lets not forget that): here are the ones to watch for November…

The month gets started in a relatively low-key way, with Mike Leigh going for the political drama with Peterloo (about the eponymous massacre in Manchester) and Disney’s latest live-action effort The Nutcracker: Unnecessary Subtitle Because It’s Definitely Going To Flop And Not Get A Sequel out on the 2nd of November.

After the Bonfire Night weekend, we get our first big legit contender for accolades in Steve McQueen’s Widows dropping in wide release on the 6th November. It’s done the rounds already after the London Film Festival, so there’s bound to be a fair bit of hype with the big release.

Things take a turn back to the spooky, as Not-Wolfenstein The Movie Overlord makes its appearance in cinemas on the 9th of November. It’s the latest in a recent re-emergence of 18-rated movies, and hopefully it can keep up the quality on that front. For those more into the family friendly stuff, there’s always another attempt at making a movie version of The Grinch happen. This time from the same studio that spawned the Minions, so God help us all.

16th November sees the biggest release of the month arrive in screens literally everywhere. The first one was a surprise success, so hopefully Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald continues the run – even if the series is meant to have another 3 films left to get through…

For the horror fans, there’s a remake of the Dario Argento classic Suspiria out on the same day, from the guy who gave us Call Me By Your Name previously. With that in mind, expect some lovely visuals, hopefully some intense scares, and for absolutely nobody to watch it except for its hardcore audience.


In the USA they’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving the following day, but in the UK we have Robin Hood and The Girl in the Spider’s Web. Both of them look like rejects from the summer blockbuster season, so expect both to bow out pretty quickly.

Thankfully we have Assassination Nation out on a proper release that same week, and having seen it last month I can safely say this will have a decent spot on my end of year best-of list. Nothing would make me happier than if this got a decent box-office taking, but that’s simply a fool’s hope.

Also another Nativity movie is out because Christmas; Nativity Rocks or something I think it’s called. Behold, the film series equivalent of an indifferent shrug.

The end of November has some big sequels with guys who have big names: Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 and Creed II are both released on the 30th in the UK. My excitement for one of those is palpable – I’m not kidding, I’m so excited for Creed – and I dunno, the first Wreck-It Ralph was fine enough…maybe this one won’t be too bad either?

So those are my hot tips for the coming month, but is there anything on your to-watch list that I’ve missed? Let me know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or email me at thedepressedmoviegoer@gmail.com

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