The Monthly Breakdown: September 2018

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The summer movie season is officially over! Now for the films too weird/unmarketable for bigger audiences, and potentially a hidden gem between blockbuster and awards seasons…

September is always a very odd month for films, as the kids head back to school and the days start to draw in. It’s too soon as well to try and embed in the memory of those presiding over awards and accolades in various academies, so everything heavy-hitting will be coming out later in the year. Here then, is the weird and wonderful wasteland of cinema.

First up on the block is potential future cult classic The Miseducation of Cameron Post – starring Chloe Moretz as a teenage girl forced into gay conversion therapy. Positive reviews have been pouring out from the States, and us British types will be able to check TMoCP (it’s what all the kids are calling it) from the 7th of September.
That same day sees American Animals hit screens, which had an interesting trailer and – as far as I can gather – tells the story of some bored millennials who decide to pull off a heist. Time will tell if it’s any good, though from some corners it sounds a bit of a Reservoir Dogs rip-off…

An older generation has a go at the same thing in Hatton Garden Robbery based King of Thieves which guarantees to keep the seniors entertained at the very least. Whether it’s good enough to hold the attention of wide audiences remains to be seen.
Keeping up the spirit of dated manly movies, The Predator returns to big screens; this time with Shane Black (director of Lethal Weapon and Iron Man 3) having co-written and directed the feature. One can only hope for some getting to DA CHOPPAAAH or manly handshakes, but hopefully there’ll be plenty of entertaining material going on. We’ll find out for sure from the 14th.

We’re edging closer to Spooky Season 2018 with Paul Feig’s darker-than-usual output A Simple Favour coming out on the 20th, which looks a bit in the vein of Gone Girl/The Girl on the Train. Here’s hoping it’s closer to the former than the latter, but any opportunity to see Anna Kendrick on the big screen is a win.


The following day’s releases offers some more spooky moments, and Jack Black brings the family-friendly fun in The House With a Clock in Its Walls which is definitely not Goosebumps 2 (even though that’s out too soon sans Black).
The Little Stranger returns to less family-friendly and more Gothic goodies. Domnhall Gleeson wanders around a creepy house for a bit, though the jury’s out whether the potential ghosties or Gleeson’s tache has more potential to inspire nightmares.

Rounding off the month is Night School, which looks absolutely fine. It’s Kevin Hart in a movie without movie-husband Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but Tiffany Haddish should be more than up to the task of providing the funny. Here’s hoping anyway.

What are you looking forward to catching this month? What’s stood out for you this year so far? Let me know in the comments below, tweet me @tdepmoviegoer or catch my IG: @thedepressedmoviegoer.



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