The Monthly Breakdown: August 2018

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August is normally the movie industry’s dumping ground for the movies that weren’t good enough to come out at the start of the summer, will this year be any different?

It’s a very superhero start to the month, with Ant-Man & The Wasp and Teen Titans Go! To The Cinema (both coming out the 3rd of August) aiming for more light-hearted silliness over the bleak seriousness of such fare as Infinity War from earlier this year. Teen Titans should be interesting, given the premise is very much a family-friendly form of meta-humour and fourth wall breaking that Deadpool 2 tried – and failed – at.

Things take a bit more of a grisly turn from there, with The Meg and Unfriended: Dark Web arriving in cinemas on the 10th. The Meg promises some Statham-on-Shark action, and hopefully ends up more entertaining than the dire run of Sharknados and other marine dross.
The original Unfriended was surprisingly entertaining given its gimmicky concept, and early reviews suggest a slightly more grisly affair this time around. It’ll be hard-pressed to beat the better horrors released earlier this year, though.

From one terrifying prospect to another, The Festival will have cinema staff quaking as the hordes of obstinate parents and their clearly underage spawn try and force their way into this year’s British summer comedy when it lands on the 14th of August. The trailer looked alright and The Inbetweeners series and movies were funny, so it could be a surprise smash.

Later in that week, on Friday the 17th, we have slightly more family-friendly fare in Disney’s 100 Acre Nostalgia-Fest Christopher Robin, which looks like the odds-on favourite for Weepie of the Summer. The same day we have another film about a man far too old to be involved in all this nonsense, this time it’s The Equalizer 2, and while it may not send audiences out of the auditorium in floods of tears Denzel Washington may be having a little sob over the direction his career has taken recently. If the first one’s anything to go by, you’re probably better off with the stuffed bear and woodland friends.

The end of August means the end of the more accessible movies, and so along comes BlacKkKlansman on the 24th of August. It’s already caused a fair bit of a stir at festivals, and while the controversial Spike Lee feature might not perform too well over here in the UK (despite being no less relevant), you can expect this to appear on a few best-of lists at the end of the year. Last but no less a stranger to controversy of its own, The Happytime Murders releases on the 27th of August off the back of a lawsuit from Sesame Street and a fairly well received trailer. Again make sure you’re supporting your local cinema employee in this difficult time, when they’re bound to get several earfuls from self-centred parents who think they know better than career film classifiers when this inevitably gets a 15 rating.

Those are my ones to watch for August, but what are you looking forward to? Comment below or get in touch via twitter: @tdepmoviegoer or instagram: @thedepressedmoviegoer 

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