The Monthly Breakdown: July 2018’s Big Cinema Releases

The World Cup left June a fairly barren month in terms of movies, with just Hereditary and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom making any kind of splash at the box office. The sports events keep coming throughout the summer, but we’re also graced with a pretty full July ahead! Here are a few of the big releases to look out for.

July 4th

Completely accidentally and in no way planned, The First Purge hits screens on America’s birthday. Expect a lot of marketing around creepy masks and a very average action movie beyond that, if the rest of the franchise to date is anything to go by.

July 6th

Once the purging is out of your system, July’s first weekend seems to be angling for much more gentle fare. Mary ShelleySwimming with Men and The More you Ignore Me all appear to be angling for more mature audiences while the country remains in the business end of The Sports. For those looking for something more going on, Terminal has Margot Robbie and assassins – so might be worth a go if you’ve absolutely nothing else to do.

July 12th

Yippie-ki-yay, plagiariser. Skyscraper, the big summer blockbuster that definitely hasn’t ripped off Die Hard, arrives with Dwayne Johnson running around fighting terrorists somewhere that definitely isn’t Nakatomi Tower. Will probably survive on The Rock’s charisma alone, à la Rampage earlier this year.

July 13th

Over a decade after the original, The Incredibles 2 has a lot to live up to. It’ll be a hit regardless, but hopefully it’s a good fun movie on top of that.

Not a lot more to say here, I for one am really excited for it.

July 20th

The Sports are over and it’s the horrible doldrum week between two huge franchise movies! Thankfully there’s Hotel Artemis and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again to keep us entertained. The former looks a bit like that assassin hotel from John Wick, and the latter looks like an unnecessary sequel to that ABBA musical from years back. Only time will tell if either or both of those takes were accurate.

 July 25th

Tom Cruise running and hurting himself! Henry Cavill’s non-CGI face! The curiously double-barreled Mission: Impossible – Fallout promises new directions for the franchise, being the first direct sequel to the previous instalment. Rogue Nation was really fun so here’s hoping for more of that, and less creepy implied romance between Tom Cruise (55) and Rebecca Ferguson (34).

July 27th

Summer holidays are here again and things take a spoooooky turn at the end of the month, as Hotel Transylvania 3 and The Nun haunt multiplexes everywhere. Both could end up leaving people running from the auditorium screening, though it’s too soon to tell if that’s out of fear or realisation that they’ve spent upwards of £10 on a ticket to either.


Let me know what you’re looking forward to by tweeting @tdepmoviegoerand keep posted for more reviews and updates!


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